Microsoft has sent out the take down requests stating that the URLs are involved in illegal distribution of its Windows 8 Beta operating system. The list of URLs contain 4 from BBC, 4 from Wikipedia, 1 each from HuffPo, TechCrunch, CCN, Washington post, Science Direct, and CBSlocal. None of the URLs listed for these sites and surprisingly half of the URLs listed under the section – “WINDOWS 8 BETA” of DMCA complaint actually don’t have anything to do with Windows 8 at all.

One of the problems could be that rights holders use automated system to send out takedown requests, which are not always accurate. This is not the first time Microsoft has screwed up when it comes to information Google about infringing URLs. Redmond has asked Google to remove and at times Bing search engine URLs as well.

Google has probably gone ahead with white-listing of some sites and hence the takedown requests haven’t affected the visibility of the requested URLs and they still show up in search results. But, there are few unlucky sites, URLs of which are nowhere to be seen following the requests.