The hack, it seems, is based out on a previously known hack that worked with Kindle Touch. To jailbreak the Paperwhite, the user would need to copy a file over to the root directory of the e-Reader and restart the device. Once the device boots, it will be completely jailbroken allowing the user to do interesting things that wouldn’t have been otherwise possible like getting a weather station display and connecting to the Raspberry Pi through serial cable.

The hacker behind the jailbreak, ‘geekmaster’ notes, “The Jailbreak for 5.1.2 firmware works with the Paperwhite 5.2.0 firmware.” The jailbreak can be downloaded from here. The hacker does give out a warning though. In case you end up bricking your device, debricking would require the use of a serial port as USB Downloader mode is not working yet. doesn’t endorse piracy of apps, rooting or jailbreaking of devices in any form or method.