Ever since Megaupload website was shut, users’ data has been in the state of limbo with no decision regarding the fate of millions of files stashed away on Megaupload servers. Over a thousand servers are being held at Carpathia Hosting in the US. Legal teams representing both the sites – Megaupload and US Department of Justice, have met for negotiations but to no avail.

Kyle Goodwin, who saved his personal files on Megaupload, filed a motion with the support of the EFF asking courts to get his data as well as data of other users back. Judge Liam O’Grady, who is presiding over the case, ordered both the sides to hold negotiations which failed again in September.

“The Court stated today that it will hold a hearing to find out the details about Mr. Goodwin’s property – where it is, what happened when the government denied him access to it, and whether and how he can get it back,” says EFF attorney Julie Samuels.

“We are glad that Mr. Goodwin will finally get to make his case in court and we look forward to helping the judge fashion a procedure to make all of Megaupload’s consumers whole again by granting them access to what is legally theirs,” Samuels concludes.

In related news, Kim Dotcom is busy building a Megabox which he has dubbed as the next big thing and that he is planning to take the big music label companies head on.