In a Google+ Post, Cerqueira announced wrote, “Starting with the latest batch of CM10 nightlies… Check Settings > About to configure your own update options :)”. This move from CyanogenMod is a significant one as up until now third-party ROM Manager utilities were bundled with all the versions and there was no native update manager for the custom ROM.

This mechanism of update will take CyanogenMod 10 closer to Google’s over the air update mechanisms thus enabling even inexperienced users update their handsets. If the update manager is invoked by the user, the update mechanism will only check for updates relevant to the ROM that is currently installed on the smartphone. It is up to the user to either check for updates manually or configure the application to check for updates at regular intervals.

Current version of the custom ROM do not have that feature and if users want to experiment, they can download a nightly build of CyanogenMod compatible with their device. We would like to draw users’ attention to the fact that in case they are not experienced with flashing smartphones, it is better they avoid doing so as they may end up ‘bricking’ the device.