The police seized four servers where these sites were hosted reported TorrentFreak. This is not the first of its kind raid on PRQ. Back in 2006, a similar raid was carried out following copyright infringement allegations which took The Pirate Bay offline. Mikael Viborg, owner of PRQ, in an interview with Nyheter 24 confirmed the raid, which was a first since 2010, and said that police siezed four server.

The Pirate Bay is offline since about last night but, it is probably not because of the raid. The Pirate Bay switched its hosting service provider from PRQ. According to the torrent tracking site, the downtime is because of a power outage and not because of a raid. “We have not been raided. We are not shutting down. We like turtles, waffles, and you,” the Pirate Bay wrote on its Facebook Page.

PRQ’s client list has some of the most controversial names such as WikiLeaks and the North American Man-Boy Love Association reports Forbes. PRQ officials confirmed that raid which hasn’t affected all the sites that PRQ is hosting and it seems to be restricted to file sharing, streaming sites and PRQ’s own site.