The registry opened a consultation for its proposal today saying that the new scheme of domain names will only be available to those business who have a verified UK presence; will come with security features like malware scanning; and that it will block those sites that will be infected with malware.

“We are proposing that it would be a new and different service that would sit alongside the already known, respected and trusted options such as, and that will remain as an accessible, flexible and vibrant domain name spaces”, notes the consultation page.

The price of the ‘.uk’ domains will be higher, about four times, as compared to the ‘’ domains. This particular move will enable those businesses who have presence in the UK to get domain names “that accurately reflects their businesses.”

This move is aimed to provide consumers in the UK with increased confidence about the sites that are visiting. This new scheme, Nominet believes, has the “potential to reduce the risk of fraud and cyber crime, while reassuring consumers that a business had a verified UK presence”.