Active since 2005, CiNEFOX has been deemed as the top of the so called ‘piracy pyramid’. The court heard that the groups were the source of the pirated movies from where they were distributed from a few individuals to the rest of the world. CiNEFOX members were found guilty of piracy and leak of a total of 504 movies while Carnage members were accused of pirating 56 by a Paris Criminal Court.

The team members of the piracy groups were accused of being the administrators of the so-called ‘topsite’ servers. Movies recorded in theatres using camcorders, captured local audio etc., were stored on these servers and shared among Scene members and distributed via DVDs. A lawyer of one of the defendants, however, claimed that his client never made money from his activities.

All CiNEFOX members received six month suspended sentences and were ordered to pay a total of 710,000 Euros damages to the plaintiffs. Carnage members were given suspended sentences of three and four months respectively and were ordered to pay 410,000 Euros in damages.

[Source: TV5Monde [Google Translated]]