Users are reporting that their device are getting connected to Wi-Fi network but, without any actual data transfer. All devices that are on iOS 6 i.e. iPhone 5, iPad 2 and the new iPad a.k.a. iPad 3 are being reported as having issues.

The discussion titled “iPhone 5 wifi issues“, has already received more than 61000 views with over 700 replies as of this writing. The first reported incident was on 21st September and the discussion has been going on since. Some of the issues that have been reported include devices not able to find nearby wireless networks; some not able to establish a working connection to Wi-Fi networks; and some working for a few seconds until the link drops off.

One of the users said, “My issue has been intermittent cessation of wifi working despite still connected to network. Sometime it works perfectly, sometimes it doesn’t load page at all despite my wifi working fine when checked with my laptop.”

It seems that iOS 6 is having some bad code related to Wi-Fi as many have reported that up until they updated their device to the latest version everything was just fine. But, once updated Wi-Fi went kibosh. “I don’t belive it’s a bad batch of IPONE 5’s. As soon as I updated the OS6 on my 4S it too will not stay on my home wifi. It worked fine prior to the update!!!!” said one of the users.

There are those few lucky ones who somehow managed to get a replacement for their iPhone 5. “I exchanged mine for a new one that works great. No problems connecting to wifi. The salesperson said it was a software problem but I shouldn’t have to deal with it on new phone. He was great. Appearantly other apple products, like the mac, have been having trouble connecting to wifi  with iOS 6.”