The New York Times has it from unnamed sources that the search engine giant is already working on maps for iOS after Google maps was chucked from the latest version of Apple’s mobile operating system. Speculations are at an all-time high about a possible app directly from Google that will help all those estranged iOS 6 users.

It was recently revealed that Apple had a whole year left on its Google Maps contract and this seems to be one of the reasons why Google hasn’t got a maps app ready yet for the iOS. With YouTube, Google would have been probably aware that the app will get removed from iOS 6 and release of an official YouTube app for iPhone before the public release of iOS 6 is an indication of that.

Since the public release of iOS 6, Apple has been under a lot of criticism because of inaccuracies in addresses, wrongly placed landmarks and other mistakes. But, Apple has assured that its apps is a new service and that it will improve over time.

Google hasn’t revealed anything officially about its maps for iOS 6 plans and today, Eric Schmidt said in Tokyo that the company hasn’t submitted any app for the iPhone yet. But, as per sources, the search engine giant is already involved in building one.

According to sources, the Mountain view company may probably be willing to bring out an app that has 3-D imagery in a bid to make it compatible with Apple maps. This is where Google will take a bit of time as it needs to bring the 3-D imagery of Google Earth to its maps app.