According to Anonymous the source code was stolen about a year ago. The hacking collective criticized Symantec for having lax security. “As you all see its fully 7z packed content, whats in it!? The loosely Source Code of Norton Utilities 2006 made by one of the worse security vendors on planet earth, Symantec! Also as many of you know this was planned back before Sabu was arrested. Yeah McAfee you suck too!” read the text accompanying the leak.

“Anyhow with this release is nothing really to prove, just stop making shitty software in the name of god! Your are only killing our CPU’s!” the note reads further.

Symantec has been victim of a barrage of hacking attempts over the years with the latest one coming earlier this year in January when a hacking group going by the name Dharmaraja stole and then leaked part of its source code. The company maintained its stance that its customers remained largely unaffected.

Symantec, at the time said, “Due to the age of the exposed source code, except as specifically noted below, Symantec customers – including those running Norton products – should not be in any increased danger of cyber attacks resulting from this incident.”