Nintendo announced the availability of its next-gen gaming console – the Wii U for North America, Europe and Japan a couple of weeks back. Reports have been flowing in that the CPU might just not be up to the mark and that games were slowing down at times when there were multiple characters coming in at the same time during game play.

In a tweet, IBM said, “WiiU chip clarification: It’s a ‘Power-based microprocessor’”


IBM further clarified that the previously disclosed information was an error from its end. IBM said, “Pardon the error. It’s a custom chip built on Power Architecture base.”


Rumours are floating around that Wii U’s CPU is codenamed “Espresso” and that it is similar to its predecessor’s i.e. Wii’s Broadway processor, the only difference being that “Espresso” is clocked at a higher frequency. If that’s true, it means that Wii U’s processor is less powerful in comparison to that of Xbox 360′s Xenon. This means that the developer comments about slow CPU do have a certain level of truth in them.