The Watson is a modular supercomputer with 16000 GB of RAM distributed over 90 servers thus enabling its smart learning software to process natural language questions. The supercomputer is already being used in healthcare industry whereby it is proving to be a powerful diagnostic aid to oncologists during trials notes The New Scientist.

John Gordon, Watson Solutions Marketing Manager at IBM said, “Watson is going to be an advisor and an assistant to all kinds of professional decision-makers, starting in healthcare and then moving beyond. We’re already looking at a role for Watson in financial services and in other applications”, notes The New Scientist.

Beyond healthcare, Watson is also being used in the finance vertical helping organizations to improve investment and customer satisfaction. The next step is to use the machine-learning capabilities of the supercomputer in more and more areas and make it far more widely available.

“We want broad exposure for Watson. We want physicians all over the planet to be able to use it”, said Gordon.

“And we are now looking at ways of delivering Watson as a service to make sure that it is something that is very accessible and which doesn’t require a significant level of technology investment by the user”, he added.

The cloud is already known to provide a lot of storage, and with all the processing power at its disposal, it would be interesting to see how Watson delivers over the cloud.

“We hope to expand Watson’s scope by delivering it as a cloud-based service. We have a number of other application areas under consideration.”