Started as a means to suffice the need of serving news to the internet community after the 9/11 attacks, Google News has become one of the primary source of news on the internet. As pointed out by Google in a blog post, Google News currently has 72 editions in 30 languages and extracts news from a whopping 50,000 news sources and gets around 1 billion unique users a week.

Over the years Google has enhanced Google News by bringing in real-time coverage of breaking news events; geo-targeted local news; customization / personalization of news that are visible to a user; integrated a social layer; introduced video results; brought in expandable stories. Beyond these it also recently incorporated Editor’s Picks and evolved its design.


As one of the leading source of news on the web and the above statistics Google representative said to The Atlantic, “That’s about 100,000 business opportunities we provide publishers every minute.”