iOS 6 Beta was jailbroken and recently the final version was jailbroken as well but for other devices and not the iPhone 5. iOS hacker and developer Grant Paul tweeted that taller screens [iPhone 5] likes Cydia.

Paul has posted a picture of the home screen of iPhone 5 with the Cydia icon as a proof. Chances are that the Cydia icon has been manipulated to resemble the size of other icons and that it might just be a false claim. But, when asked by another hacker as to whether he had compiled Cydia on a dev phone he replied that that the iPhone 5 was jailbroken indeed.

About 3 hours from the original tweet, Paul went ahead and posted a picture of the Cydia Home Page.

Paul added two more pictures to prove his claims. There is no information as to whether the jailbreak is tethered or untethered. We are following up this closely so stay tuned.