Operating by the name SpeechPro in the US, the company claims to have invented a technology using advanced algorithms through which law enforcement authorities can build up a huge database containing millions of voices or ‘voice prints’ of criminals, persons of interest, people on watch list, and the likes. Agencies, when not sure of callers of intercepted calls, can run the recording through the ‘VoiceGrid Nation’ and find a match.

Agencies don’t have any issues with intercepting calls but, it’s difficult to analyze the calls and identify the people on the call. That’s where, SpeechPro claims, ‘VoiceGrid Nation’ comes to the rescue. The technology will allow government agencies to create a countrywide biometric database designed to store millions of people’s “voice-prints.”

When it comes to efficiency, VoiceGrid Nation can scan through 10,000 voice prints in just 5 seconds and in terms of accuracy SpeechPro says that its invention is 90 per cent efficient provided certain conditions like call duration and quality of audio are met.

According to Agentura.ru, STC has already sold this technology to Mexico in 2010. Other countries on the clientele list are Kazakhstan, Kirgyzstan, Uzbekistan and Belarus. These are not the only countries as STC has been known to be dealing with Thailand, Singapore, India, the Middle East, Saudi Arabia, Algeria, Yemen and Turkey.

STC is of the opinion that it is not to blame how the technology is used. “What can we do about it? We just come up with the hardware. It’s just technology that is developed with law-enforcement in mind,” said Sergei Lvovich Koval, a leading analyst at the STС.

“One way or another, these governments will be able to use surveillance technology, whether we supply it or not”, he added.