The main mission of the Workgroup is to bring innovation in the field of automotive industry through the use of Linux and other open source technologies. Car makers like Jaguar, Land Rover, Nissan and Toyota along with technology players like Fujitsu, HARMAN, Intel, NEC, NVIDIA, Reaktor, Renesas, Samsung, Symbio, Texas Instruments Incorporated (TI), and Tieto have already signed up as members.

The Workgroup will be working towards development of a platform that is optimized for automotive applications. To this effect the collaborative will be working with the Tizen project for applications such as In-Vehicle Infotainment (IVI); Instrumentation Cluster, and more. The Linux Foundation will nurture collaboration between the Linux kernel community and the automotive industry.

As The Linux Foundation takes a plunge in the automotive industry, one thing is quite certain: It will try and keep the entire ‘future cars’ thing more relevant in a broader perspective and would try to impart some standards to the whole process.

Some of the deliverables of the Automotive Grade Linux Workgroup are “a regularly updated roadmap providing an overview of the Workgroup activities, requirements and specification documents, a reference distribution and evaluation hardware platforms supported by the reference distribution.”