The new version of the console will be making its debut in Japan on two different dates. The Charcoal black version will be releasing on October 4th while the white variant on November 22nd. Fanbois will be having two options in terms of storage – a 250 GB variant and a 500 GB console. According to the PlayStation blog the new version is 20 per cent smaller and 25 per cent lighter than the current PlayStation 3. “The new model is approximately 20{b2f8038cca59418a55fa2a773bdd1308d9b98f2083b1773270b153fdacce5890} smaller and 25{b2f8038cca59418a55fa2a773bdd1308d9b98f2083b1773270b153fdacce5890} lighter than the current PS3” notes the blog.

The availability of the console in North America has also been announced. The 250GB version will come as a ‘limited edition’ bundle from September 25 and will carry a price tag of $269.99. The bundle will include Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception ‘game of the year’ edition; $30 credit for the content of Dust 514.

The 500GB variant is not steeply priced as it carries a $299.99 price tag and will be available from October 30. This version will also feature as a limited bundle and will come with Assassin’s Creed 3. For PAL territories, Sony is adding 12GB of flash memory to the console and will be made available for 229 Euros from October 12th for.