The new logo is straighter in terms of character arrangement but, it still carries the subtle representation of its community that is “connected and diverse” community. Announcing the change on the website, eBay President Devin Wenig wrote “Today we’re creating the future again. We’ve been building the new eBay. And today, we’re proud to introduce a new look for the eBay brand.”

The President goes on to say that the new logo despite being a representation of a change is rooted in eBay’s proud history as an online market place that provides “cleaner, more contemporary and consistent experience.”

Wenig iterated that the core concept of connecting a buyer and seller is still there but, it has taken a more meaning in that back when it was started eBay connected a buyer “who wanted a broken laser pointer” to the seller whereas today, the online marketplace is “focused on connecting buyers and sellers, anytime, anywhere, to the things they need and love.”

When it comes to changing of logo, one of the most iconic changes in the history of a technology company was from Microsoft which changed its logo after 25 years.