The Wii U will come in two different models – a basic set, as priced above, and a black colored premium set that will be priced at ¥31,500. The console will boast of 32GB of flash memory; a GamePad; two power adapters; and an HDMI cable. The basic variant will come with 8GB of memory and a gamepad.

Both the variants are going to be high-definition and will come equipped with 2GB of RAM and can play 25GB discs. Some of the other features of the console are Wii U Panorama View software and the Wii U pedometer.

Nintendo is going to announce the pricing and availability of the console for North America on September 13th. The gaming company will also be hosting a Direct Stream on Thursday at 3PM UK time coinciding with the NYC event and during this event it will be announcing the availability of the console for the European region.


[Source: The Verge]