The market research company reveals that since the first Android device was shipped back in 2008, the cumulative shipment figure will cross the 1.1 billion mark by the end of year 2013. A total of 357 million units are projected to be shipped in 2012 and next year this figure will stand at 451 million.

If Apple’s figures are considered, Cupertino would have shipped 527 million iPhones by 2013 and will hit the 1 billion mark sometime in 2015. “We expect the Android operating system to become the first to reach the milestone of 1 billion shipments during its lifetime” said Daniel Gleeson, mobile analyst for IHS.

The main reason Apple is going to hit the billion mark two years later than Google is because of the fact that there are multiple companies who sell Android devices: Samsung, HTC, Motorola, LG, ZTE and Huawei as compared to iPhone.

IHS has also estimated that the combined market share of Android and iOS when it comes to smartphones is going to be 76 per cent in 2012.