It seems that the Chinese government is trying to get back to Google on its 2010 stance on censorship. Google had threatened that the search engine giant shall leave the country for being forced to censor things the government way. Seemingly the government wasn’t too pleased with what happened back then and hence is not going to let Google profit from its 7-inch tablet in the most populous country.

According to reports, the latest move by the China is a representation of Government’s negative attitude as a response to Google’s 2010 withdrawal announcement. Even though Asustek, the manufacturer of the Nexus 7, has a strong marketing presence in China, sources indicate that it is difficult for the tablet to enter the China market.

According to latest estimates the total sales of Nexus 7 will reach an estimated 3.5 million units by the end of 2012 and in case Google wants to achieve the projected 8 million tablets, it has to find a way to get into the Chinese market.


[Source: DigiTimes]