Apple removed the YouTube app with its iOS 6 Beta 4 that came preloaded on iPhones and iPads. According to Apple the reason behind removing the app was that the license to include YouTube app in iOS devices had ended.

Google is going to benefit from this move because it can now run ads on the new app (available from App Store), which it wasn’t able to do until now through the native app. YouTube and its video partners will be able to run pre-roll adds ahead of its mobile videos, which may turn out to be a bit annoying.


On the positive side, YouTube can now show music videos from VEVO and others, which up until now it couldn’t on the old app. Through the new app, users will be able to view the new YouTube channel guide; flip through related videos, comments and add more videos. The new app also comes with some improvement such as autofill giving users suggestion based on what they enter in the search field.

As of now the app is optimized for iPhone and not iPad. Another great thing is that users can share videos easily through Google+, Email, Facebook & Twitter. The app also supports streaming through AirPlay.