CEO of BlueToad, Paul DeHart, while speaking to NBC News disclosed this information. The CEO said with “100 per cent confidence” that the company was the original source of the information that Lulzsec had leaked.  The CEO further said that the company then reached out to appropriate authorities to “take responsibility,” of what had happened.

Apple has also officially confirmed to NBC that BlueToad as a developer is likely to have such kind of information. Cupertino also revealed that such information wouldn’t be associated with information that may identify an individual.

Last week, AntiSec leaked a million iOS device UDIDs claiming that the source of information was an FBI laptop. FBI was quick enough to release a statement that the claims made by AntiSec were ‘Totally Fake’. Following this, Apple also made a statement that it didn’t hand out UDIDs to FBI or any other organization for that matter.

The app-published revealed that now the company no longer collects UDID data and as Apple has discouraged this practice it is planning to remove it entirely sometime “soon.” BlueToad has also revealed that it is not planning to notify individuals whose UDIDs may have been stolen.