The membership question of these companies was to be discussed in the board meeting held on August 28 but, because of time constraints, it couldn’t be addressed. The meeting happened again on September 7 and this time around the Foundation gave its thumbs up to memberships of VMware, Intel and NEC.

In an official post, The Foundation declared, “Today, the OpenStack Board of Directors approved the applications of three companies wishing to become Gold Members: Intel, NEC and VMware.”

OpenStack was launched by Rackspace and NASA about two years back in a bid to compete with VMware’s vCloud. OpenStack started receiving attention and companies like HP, IBM, Red Hat, and Microsoft became its members. Just a few weeks back, VMware on the other hand went ahead with acquisition of Nicira and DynamicOps indicating that the virtualization leader might be willing to work with non-VMware centric technology in the future.

With inclusion of VMware, there is a little chatter on the web that Apache’s CloudStack Project may turn out to be more open and transparent as compared to OpenStack.