Stuck at a point, Lu is looking for like-minded homebrew coders with experience in HBL to help him out and get the UVL working to fullest of its capabilities. Lu states in a blog entry, “I am basically looking for people with experience in HBL to help me finish this.”

Sony has been trying hard to lock down its hardware but, homebrew coders and hackers have found ways to run their own homebrew code PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Portable (PSP). The PlayStation Vita is the next target and Lu’s work indicates that Sony has failed again.

As of now Lu’s work is partially complete. In his latest update he has said that the UVL code compiles on Vita but, he is stuck at a point where the base memory address is read only. Lu is looking for coders who may know how to make this address writable. “The main problem right now is that the base address 0x81000000 is read only by the game that’s loaded. If someone knows how to free that memory or set it to be writeable, contact me” he notes.

It is not that there is no option for Vita users to run homebrew code. There is this Vita Halfbyte Loader (VHBL), is a port of the popular PSP homebrew hack, which allows players run homebrew code designed for the PSP. But, Lu wants to unlock the full power of hardware through UVL thereby allowing users to run their own native Vita code.

The coder pointed out that it may be months before something concrete comes up and by that time Sony might just patch the vulnerability.


Lu has also pointed out that through his exploit users can’t run commercial Vita games as it will be impossible to load encrypted games with the exploit.