The campaign branded “Bing it on” is going to highlight Bing’s search benefits and is going to openly challenge Google and the new mini-site designed by Microsoft will allow web users to see and compare for themselves the search results provided by Bing and Google side-by-side.

Microsoft’s Mike Nichols notes in a blog, “It’s time to break the Google habit.” “…we’re launching a nationwide campaign to encourage searchers to give Bing a chance” he adds.

Unlike Microsoft’s previous campaign, this one is a little less aggressive enabling people to do a real comparison between the two search engines. Microsoft has also announced offers such as sweepstakes and prizes for participants.

“Not only are our web search results better than Google’s, we also offer a rich search offering that brings together great search results with friends who know about the topics” notes Nichols.

“Now is the time to spend less time searching and more time doing” writes Nichols near the end of the post.