First spotted by The Verge, in the video was “a reflection that revealed the footage wasn’t shot on a Lumia 920, but a regular camera inside a white van.”

Nokia wanted to showcase its latest technology whereby it claims that with the OIS even amateurs can capture excellent videos without the shaky-cam effect. But, apparently the video was faked. If we go to 0:27 of the video, a reflection of a white van keeping pace with the girl is seen whereby a person is holding a DSLR camera. Fast forward to 0:48 of the video and you will clearly see the shadow of a DSLR hooked to the swing.

In its apology through a blog post entitled “an apology is due,” Nokia spokesperson Heidi Lemmetyinen confirms that the company “produced a video that simulates what we will be able to deliver with OIS.” Lemmetyinen further said that the video “was not shot with a Lumia 920,” and that “We apologize for the confusion we created.”

To rectify the epic fail on its part, Nokia has posted a new video to its YouTube channel which shows the real difference between non-OIS and Nokia’s Lumia 920 PureView.