The Korean consumer electronics giant announced near the end of July that its flagship Galaxy S III had sold more than 10 million units in 50 days and now in as much time has doubled the sales. Samsung has also given region wise information on sales: in Europe it sold 6 million units; in Asia 4.5 million; in North America 4 million; and in Korea 2.5 million units.

It seems that the Galaxy S III is probably the only phone in the block which has managed to sustain the momentum of sales apart from the iPhone 4S after initial sales. According to the company, Galaxy S III has outperformed its predecessors: the Galaxy S II and the original Galaxy S.

With iPhone 5 launching next week, it remains to be seen if the Galaxy S III is able to sustain the number of sales it has registered until now or will the new iPhone dampen Samsung’s spirits.

[Source: Samsung Press Release in Korean]