The patent dubbed “Login to a computing device based on facial recognition,” requires the device to have a camera for facial recognition. If the face in front of the camera matches one of the predetermined identities the person will be logged into the device. The way this technology will further work is while a user is logged on, if another person comes in front of the camera, the device’s software, we assume it’s going to be one of Android’s next version, would automatically transition from the current profile to the new one.

Samsung Galaxy S3 and Galaxy Nexus both come with such a feature whereby users can unlock the phone by posing in front of the phone’s camera. This particular patent has no direct relation with any app currently available in Google Play and can be dubbed as a form of biometric authentication that Google may be planning to use in the next iteration of Android which may officially carry multi-user support.

Apple also filed for a similar patent last year where it described the technology as an authentication mechanism whereby a person’s face will be used to decide whether the user can be allowed access to the device or some information therein.

[Source: USPTO]