The attack was carried out sometime last night because of which Roman Shtylman – founder of Bitfloor suspended operations of the exchange. While we are writing this, the exchange rate of 1BTC is $10.40 US, taking the total value of the heist to $250,800 US. You can check the current rates through Preev.

In a forum post, Shtylman has urged Bitcoin users that BitFloor needs their help. In the post the founder gives a little detail about the attack refraining from extensive detailing. “Last night, a few of our servers were compromised. As a result, the attacker gained accesses to an unencrypted backup of the wallet keys (the actual keys live in an encrypted area). Using these keys they were able to transfer the coins. This attack took the vast majority of the coins BitFloor was holding on hand” writes Roman.

Shtylman has revealed that during the attack none of the records were lost and hence BitFloor is aware of the amount each user had in their accounts. “I still have all of the logs for accounts, trades, transfers,” he wrote.

“I know exactly how much each user currently has in their account for both USD and BTC.”

The BitFloor founder is trying to find a way forward and he asks users to suggest any ideas for BitFloor operations. “I would like to keep this thread focused on evaluating ideas of BitFloor operation,” he writes.


If you have an account with BitFloor, you may want to visit this thread for any information on stolen Bitcoins. More details on virtual currency thefts can be found here.