As reported by Iranian Labour News Agency (ILNA), the two countries will be co-operating in the field of research, student exchanges and joint laboratories along with information technology, engineering, biotechnology, renewable energy, the environment, sustainable development of agriculture and food technology notes Reuters.

This mutual understanding and co-operation is nothing new for the two countries but, internet security companies are of the opinion that there is more than what meets the eye. With Iran and North Korea working with each other in the field of IT, there could be wider implications for the information technology community across the globe. It is believed that Iran could have been motivated to sign the agreement because of the recent malware attacks on its nuclear infrastructure.

“It’s highly likely that one of the reasons for this co-operation is for them to work together regarding their cyber defense and cyber offense strategies,” F-Secure security chief Mikko Hypponen told V3.


Iran’s move is not completely unexpected as the slue of state sponsored malware attacks – Stuxnext, DuQu and Flame, have taken a toll on its cyber defenses.