The British firm, in a statement to TechWeek Europe, has confirmed that one of its public facing servers which hosted demo versions of its software has been compromised and that information has been stolen. The company has said that it has shut down the server that was hacked.

“Gamma International has had information relating to its sales demonstration server stolen from it,” said Martin J Muench, MD of Gamma International.

“The time, date and the method at the moment are unknown. Gamma are looking into how this might have happened,” he added further.

Gamma International has been in the news all over the web since about two weeks. First when FinSpy showed up in nearly 10 countries according to researchers and just yesterday there were news that the spyware is capable of infecting all major mobile operating systems used on smartphones today – iOS, Android, Windows Phones, BlackBerry and Symbian.

New York Times has it that quite a few servers involved in FinSpy – the ones present in Singapore, Indonesia, Mongolia, Brunei and in Bahrain, went offline through the week.