Once in the top 10 list of largest file sharing sites and getting nearly 250 million page views a month, FileSonic stopped reward programs and third-party sharing after Megaupload was shut in a bid to evade a similar shutdown. Following the cancellation of the sharing features, FileSonic saw its traffic plummet exponentially in 2012. As of now the site is completely non-functional. The drop in traffic is evident from Alexa.

FilSonic.com is currently unreachable completely and surprisingly the domain is now registered to Seychelles-based Renovatio Management Limited. FileSonic’s other domains (.net, .ch, .jp and .in) are still registered to Earnwell Hong Kong LTD. – the company that owns Filesonic. These domains do resolve but, if accessed serve an application error message.

This year hasn’t been good for FileSonic as last month it was sued by Flava Works alongside Oron – another file sharing and storage site, which has also just vanished.