While announced the Duo 11, Sony’s CEO Kazuo Hirai didn’t reveal details regarding pricing, specifications and release date. One thing that can be assumed to a great certainty is that the new device is going to boast of an 11-inch screen – going by the name, DUO 11.

Dubbed as a competition to Microsoft Surface, the slide-out tablet brings with its Sony’s design elegance but, considering Sony’s history, the device will definitely be on an expensive end of the cost spectrum. Sony hasn’t revealed any release date yet and it must be definitely waiting for Microsoft to reveal the pricing of Surface before it reveals any further information about Duo 11 in this arena.

One major difference between the VAIO Duo 11 and Microsoft’s Surface is that the former comes with an always-connected, backlit keyboard. The seemingly retractable keyboard is quite thin as well. Sony hasn’t provided any hands-on yet and the keyboard may just be the thing that will give it an edge over Surface’s fabric keyboard.

We believe that Sony might have all the temptation to launch the Duo 11 alongside Microsoft Surface.


[Source: Engadget]