The first suspect Cody Kretsinger has already pleaded guilty and has been indicted last September according to the FBI. Rivera surrendered to authorities and he has been charged with conspiracy and unauthorized impairment of a protected computer. The Lulzsec member may be facing 15 years imprisonment if convicted notes Reuters.

The hacker, who also goes by names such as “neuron”, “royal” and “wildicv,” is accused of hacking Sony Picture’s Web site in June 2011 through use of SQL injection attack and downloading thousands of records containing names, birth dates, addresses, e-mails, phone numbers, and passwords. The hacker after posting all the data onto Pastebin, announced the hack through a tweet.

“Hey @Sony, you know we’re making off with a bunch of your internal stuff right now and you haven’t even noticed?” LulzSec tweeted. “Slow and steady, guys.”

The hacking collective has claimed that they had managed to grab information of more than a million people whereas Sony countered the claims saying that only 37k records were actually stolen.