About a year ago, VMware came up with a pricing scheme under which it started charging customers based on the virtual infrastructure instead of physical infrastructure. The virtualization leader asked its customer to pay based on the VRAM thus, in a way, penalizing them for deploying more virtual machines on comparatively less physical servers.

Today, VMware’s CEO Pat Gelsinger announced at VMworld conference that they are going to do away with the VRAM-based pricing model. “Today I am happy to say we are striking this word from the vocabulary,” he said. Gelsinger said that the company will return to its per-CPU and per-socket pricing whereby customers will be encouraged to deploy more and more virtual machines on a single server depending upon their requirements.

During the keynote, the CEO didn’t provide any specifics about the revised pricing but, a new pricelist sheds some light on new pricing [PDF] of vSphere. The company said, “VMware vSphere pricing starts around $83 per processor with no core, vRAM or number of VM limits.”

A new version of vSphere, 5.1, is going to be available from September 11. One of the major features incorporated in the new version is the ability to perform live migrations of VMs without the need for shared storage.