The Indian Government cited scare-mongering and risk to national security and ordered ISPs to block around 20 Twitter with handles @barbarindian, @northeastblog, @Assam_News, @taginderbagga, @hindujagurutiorg, @kanchangupta, @aparanjape, @drpravintogadia, @scamsutra, @ekakizunja, @Shivaroor, @SumeetCJ, @anilkohli54, @PM0India, @Dosabandit, @redditindia, @i_panchajanya, @eagleeye47, @sanghpariwar, @saikumar_k.

The Indian Gov said that it would punish Twitter if it doesn’t take “appropriate and suitable action” and failed to remove the accounts as soon as possible. Local Indian newspapers are of the opinion that the government may go all out on the microblogging site and completely block access to Twitter if need be but, no such confirmation has been received from New Delhi yet.

While trying to clamp down on terrorism in the north eastern state of Assam, the government has tried to clamp down on social media sites including the likes of Google, YouTube and Facebook.

The censorship as of now is just by blocking access over HTTP. If accessed over HTTPS, these accounts are still accessible.





According to one twitter user, the Government of India has blocked the search of word ‘Assam’ in Facebook.





[Update: 17:21 UT] Twitter has written to the Department of Information and Technology, India that it will not be able to completely block the 28 twitter accounts it has asked for because of technical difficulties.