The new Paragon System should help those fans who have already reached the maximum possible level and should relieve game junkies from boredom. Blizzard is going to launch a patch that will enable all Diablo III level 60 characters to start earning experience, with each monster they kill, towards a new set of “Paragon levels”. Each Paragon level will not only upgrade character statistics but, will also increase a character’s ability to find gold and magical items by three percent.

Blizzard has probably tried to address the “demoralizing” problem whereby players would get frustrated in cases where they don’t find any goodies even after playing for long hours. The characters that have reached the Paragon levels will have “a distinctive increasingly impressive border” around them for every ten levels they earn.

With the new Paragon system, the Diablo III game time should significantly increase for extreme gamers. This move by Blizzard is definitely towards ensuring that it offers incentives – more game play and levels, to devoted Diablo III players thus ensuring for itself a steady revenue stream through game’s real-money auction house.

Some of the other things that the 1.0.4 update will include are new legendary items; timing changes to tackle game’s hardest enemies among others. There is no official announcement on the release dates yet but, it should probably come in next few days.