Trouble for Demonoid started sometime during last week of July – that’s when it was rendered inaccessible because of DDoS attacks. A week passed by and it was reported that many users who were trying to access the site were being redirected to pages that were showing up malware laden ads.

The admin at Demonoid was reportedly working to get the site back up but, four days later Ukrainian authorities got the best of Demonoid and closed down the site entirely by raiding the hosting service provider of the site.

The Demonoid community was still in awe of these events and then came the final blow when Sedo put the three domain names of the site –, and, up for sale.

Sedo has put up a message that the domain is no more available for sale and that users who have put up a bid may want to cancel their request. The same is the case with the domain name

“Due to possible legal issues associated with this domain, Sedo is not able to offer services for the domain. Please consider selecting an alternative domain.” reads a message on the domain marketplace.

Surprisingly, the domain name is still up for grabs and it is still serving the “make offer” message.

TorrentFreak has it from Sedo that they “can’t go into specifics”, but no third-party or law enforcement group had ordered the de-listing of the domains.