The note has been posted as a preface to the article that covers development of Microsoft’s operating system. It reads


Editor’s Note: Upon publication, this article failed to properly disclose the connection between its author, Bob Zeidman, and Microsoft Corp., a key subject of the story. Mr. Zeidman is currently retained by Microsoft as an expert witness in Motorola Mobility v. Microsoft. IEEE Spectrum regrets the omission.

The article talked about the history of MS-DOS and its relation to Microsoft’s operating system. The article was portrayed as being a “forensic” investigation of MS-DOS lineage which was carried out by Bob Ziedman using his software analyzer.

Ziedman worked his way through by comparing the source code of 1970s operating system CP/M and QDOS – a CP/M clone that the Redmond based Windows 8 maker acquired to create MS-DOS. Zeidman found no resemblance in the code that would indicate that one was a direct copy of the other.