Last Sunday we reported that BitTorrent is going to make uTorrent ad-enabled and that it will put ads on the torrent client along with ‘sponsored torrents’ feature which can’t be disabled. As one would have imagined, this didn’t go quite well with many users and they let out their anger on the uTorrent forums.

“You seriously think that uTorrent is going to survive now?   The Admin/Devs are seriously deluded. Pure greed has turned your once loved app into a bloated and buggy cash cow.” said one user.

“Just registered to say goodbye! just uninstalled utorrent. I was with you for version 3, despite the steady rise of bloat.” said another.

“If uTorrent finally pulls this through, that will be it. Goodbye uTorrent. It’s been quite a long trip.” added another.

The above comments along with quite a few which we haven’t mentioned here have had an impact and the company has announced that the ads will be offered under an opt-out feature. What seemed to be a move towards generating millions has been downplayed by BitTorrent as it has said that it never intended to make money from this feature. 

BitTorrent CEO Eric Klinker said, “We’ve long contemplated an opt-out mechanism for the new offers and advertisements we will be experimenting with.”


“Given all that’s been said here, we’ve decided to release the initial version with an opt-out mechanism. Users should have the choice to opt-out, and we will provide them with ways to do so,” he added notes TorrentFreak.