The enterprise Linux maker was a late entrant into the OpenStack world where players like Rackspace, HP and Internap have already made their mark. Through Red Hat’s OpenStack distribution enterprises can build and manage private, public as well as hybrid infrastructure-as-a-service clouds. These companies will not only be competing with the likes of Amazon but, will also be competing against themselves to get a bite out of the IaaS cloud.

OpenStack, which started as a project has quickly developed into an open source solution that enables organizations to achieve performance, features and greater functionality from their private and / or public clouds. The announcement of OpenStack Foundation acted as a catalyst towards the fast paced development of the platform.

Red Hat is aiming to work with other OpenStack players “to provide fully managed Red Hat OpenStack-powered clouds in the future.” The company is also looking forward to work with customers to further develop the cloud platform.

“Customers who sign up for Red Hat’s OpenStack distribution will be able to provide feedback to Red Hat’s OpenStack team and collaborate with each other through community tools provided through the preview program.” said Red Hat.

The preview version can be downloaded here and the full version of the OpenStack will be available in 2013.