We haven’t yet achieved our desired goal and we are just a kid compared to the other behemoths out there. But, with support slashdotters we have achieved a lot within a span of just 27 days. I am not going to put out the total hits just yet as we are waiting for the opportune moment to give out these figures.


We had put out a poll “How did you find us?” which ended just today. We would like to thank the 103 voters that have provided their valuable inputs. Slashdot has been the source of most of the visits on our site. Our social media presence for Facebook and Twitter is just building up and we are going to work more towards increasing our reader-base.


As you may have noticed that we don’t have any adverts yet on the homepage and just one ad in the article (that too temporary). We are looking forward to your vote on a poll “Would you mind if we have adverts on ParityNews?” as it will help us decide whether to go for online adverts as a means of generating revenue without annoying you or not.


You can write to us either by filling out our Talk To Us form or leave comments at the end of this article. Thanks again for your valuable inputs!


Till next time…. Adios…