First ever Crysis 3 trailer has been released that showcases the awesome in-game graphics and the mind blowing capabilities of the CryENGINE 3 that now supports DirectX 11. The real-time rendering has been taken up a notch allowing gamers to experience some of the best visuals ever seen. The beautiful visuals of Crysis 3 like the lush environment along with amazing lighting effects such as 3rd Generation real-time Global Illumination would make game-play more fun.

Google has decided that it is going to take matters in its own hands, not literally, against piracy and is going to roll out a major update to its search engine whereby it is going to downrank sites that are involved in hosting or delivering copyright infringing material. The search engine giant said that it wants to deliver more meaningful and legitimate search results to its users. Google said that its search algorithm that uses over 200 signals to deliver best possible results has seen inclusion of copyright infringement notices as a new signal.

A new service dubbed OTA Update Center has been launched that enables Android ROM developers to provide over-the-air (OTA) updates of their ROMs in a centralized and easy fashion. Custom ROM developers had very little at their disposal when it came to providing updates and when any user with such a ROM did want to apply an update, he/she was required to reinstall the new ROM from scratch that often involved deletion of backup, installation of new ROM, restoration of data. This was a lengthy process and often a deterrent when it came to updating the ROM.

The ongoing Apple-Samsung legal tussle has seen many evidences being thrown at the jury but, the latest one – a 2010 document from Samsung might just give Apple an edge in the patent infringement trial. The document in question – a 2010 report prepared by Samsung’s engineering team is a feature-by-feature comparison of Samsung’s S1 with Apple’s iPhone. What is the conclusion of the comparison? It turns out that even Samsung’s engineering team is of the view point that S1 can do much more if it would have been like the iPhone in many ways. The document can be viewed here.