On its Inside Search blog post, Google has listed 57 changes for the month of June and 22 changes for the month of July. “We have a couple months to make up for, so this list is a doozy with 86 changes.” wrote Scott Huffman, Engineering Director at Google.

The changes that Google is making include 6 “Page Quality” changes that will try and bring out more high-quality and unique material in search results from trusted source. Changes under project codenamed “Answers” will incorporate detection of natural language and will address things whereby people search for things like “What is the time in India?”, “When is Mother’s Day?”, “What is $500 in euros?”, etc.

Google has also worked on how relevant images are being showed in results. Adult content filtering is also a focus in the current list of changes under project codenamed “SafeSearch”.

Beyond the above 79 changes there are 7 other changes including the likes of changes to flight search in Canada, Update to search by image, more detailed maps for Europe, Africa and Asia among other thus taking the total to 86.