Custom ROM developers had very little at their disposal when it came to providing updates and when any user with such a ROM did want to apply an update, he/she was required to reinstall the new ROM from scratch that often involved deletion of backup, installation of new ROM, restoration of data. This was a lengthy process and often a deterrent when it came to updating the ROM.

The OTA Update Center changes this and provides a free to use service that is easy and noob-friendly to use. The website reads, “This project is especially for the rom devs around, to be able to implement an easy to use, and free OTA Update app.”

“The project has one goal, to provide a way to provide OTA Updates as easy and noob friendly as possible.” it adds further.

The service provides the infrastructure necessary for over-the-air updates and allows ROM developers to host their files. The developers would need to register for an account, make an entry for their ROM, put in a few lines of code provided by the update center into their build.prop and provide a link for download. The update center will take it up from there and notify users when an update is available.

Find a few screenshots below:






[Source: XDA Developers]