Anonymous, through its common DDoS tactics and operation codenamed #OpDemonoid, hammered several Ukrainian government-owned websites rendering them offline for some time. The group’s long term goal is to restore Demonoid and its operations by getting mirror sites hosted across the globe by members and ultimately creating a group called “open-source Demonoid”.

Ukrainian authorities shut down Demonoid last week by raiding a data center owned by ColoCall – the hosting service provider for the torrent tracking site. It is believed that the raid was ordered by the Ukrainian government just ahead of the country’s Vice President’s first visit to the US in a bid to satisfy its earlier promise to adopt a firm stance against copyright infringement and piracy.

Anonymous is holding supporters of SOPA and ACTA responsible for the closure of Demonoid. The Anonymous release read “The action was spearheaded by the usual cabal of lobbyists, SOPA/ACTA supporters, and their bribed politicians.”

The group believes that the restoration process of Demonoid will “require time and patience.”