A render of the screw-head posted through a Reddit post shows the alleged design from the fruity company. The post is labelled “a friend took a photo a while ago at that fruit company, they are obviously even creating their own screws”. The screw-head design is quite complex and doesn’t resemble anything that is around today.

The screw-head render is being probably forwarded to someone and the body of the email contains the words “totally asymmetric”, which is definitely evident from the render. The design, if real, is going to deter any and all screw-drivers available in the market.

Wired got in touch with Kyle Weins, co-founder iFixit, and according to him the design is too complex, unrealistic and far-fetched. He said, “My gut feel is that this isn’t from Apple. The threads are unrealistic, and I suspect that a head like that is too complex to use as a tool head.”

With the size of screws that Apple uses, tiny if I may, the design shown in the image is going to be very complex and expensive to achieve. Weins said, “If this is an Apple design, it looks like it would be expensive to manufacture. Apple uses tiny screws, and that’s a very complex screw head.”

Apple has been coming out with designs that are quite complex when it comes to repairs and the recent MacBook Pro with Retina display is a strong example of that. iFixit guys did find it difficult to open up the MacBook Pro during the teardown and recently have released guides that explain how to go about repairing the MacBook Pro but with caution flags warning that if something doesn’t go as planned, the laptop will be permanently scarred.