As reported by AllThingsD, the document in question – a 2010 report prepared by Samsung’s engineering team is a feature-by-feature comparison of Samsung’s S1 with Apple’s iPhone.


What is the conclusion of the comparison? It turns out that even Samsung’s engineering team is of the view point that S1 can do much more if it would have been like the iPhone in many ways. The document can be viewed here.

The document compares everything from the home screen to the built-in apps to the browser and it “appears to play directly into Apple’s charge that Samsung ‘slavishly copied’ the iPhone.” notes AllThingsD.

The ongoing battle between the two tech heavyweights has seen Apple demanding a whopping $2.5 billion from Samsung citing patent infringement. Samsung on the other hand is claiming that it hasn’t violated any patents and that Cupertino’s designs aren’t patentable to begin with.