The search engine giant has been working on for quite some time now on allowing users of iDevices to search the web with their own voice. The results were standard as in any other Google search results page. This is changing though as the app is bringing with it vocalized responses that Google brought in as part of newly designed search offerings under Android Jelly Bean. Google has also worked on the user interface (UI) bringing it in line with Now.

Google is also going to tap into its recently launched Knowledge Graph that will enable users to search using natural language queries for example, “things to do in Paris” or “What’s the weather like in New York” and in return the app is going to give out a vocalized response.

You might have noticed that while you are searching on Google, it gives you suggestions out of which a couple of things may be actually the thing you are looking for – reason: use of Knowledge Graph.

“…we’ve combined our speech recognition expertise, understanding of language and the Knowledge Graph so that Voice Search can better interpret your questions and sometimes speak the answers back as full sentences.” Google said in its blog [watch video below].

Mountain view has said that the app will be available for iPhone and iPad soon.